PDF Tomography: X-ray Vision

We recently combined awesome PDF with awesome computed tomography (CT) to give (potentially) 3D images of objects and devices where we have the entire PDF in every pixel of the image.  This supercharges PDF because we can get a clean PDF from deep iinside an object, and it supercharges CT because instead of just an image of pixels with different colors or intensities you have a complete nanostructure solution in each pixel.  We hope (expect) that this will have a big impact in things such as looking at batteries operating, looking inside fossilized shark teeth, finding drug distributions in pills and many other things.

The work was done by Simon and Xiaohao in the group, in collaboration with Simon Jacques in U. Utrecht and U Manchester, Simon Kimber and Marco di Michiel at ESRF and Bob Cernik in Manchester.

The proof of prinicple was published in Nature Communications on September 30th 2013.  Here are some news articles about it: