We usually have open research opportunities in the group for excellent and motivated graduate students.  If this fits your description and you think you may want to join us we would love to hear from you:

1) If you are a Ph.D student at Columbia University in Materials Science, Applied Physics, Applied Mathematics or any department in SEAS,  then please contact Professor Billinge (sb2896@columbia.edu).

2) If you are a Ph.D student at Columbia University in the Physics or Chemistry Departments, or in some related discipline,  then please contact Professor Billinge (sb2896@columbia.edu).

3) If you would like to study for your Ph.D in the group but you are not already admitted into the PhD program at Columbia then you need to apply either for the Materials Science PhD program or the Applied Physics PhD program (http://www.apam.columbia.edu).  Ph.D students are generally admitted beginning in the fall semester and the deadline for applications is usually around December of the previous year.  Start the process early.  You will need a valid GRE score, and TOEFL if you are applying from a non-english-speaking country.