Congratulations to group Post-doc Zurab Guguchia.

It is not often that a member gets direct recognition from the president of a nation. Zurab was recently awarded the Georgian Order of Honor for his work elucidating the microscopic properties of high-temperature superconductors while at the Laboratory for Muon Spectroscopy (LMU). Such impressive work also earned Zurab the internationally competitive Tsinandali Award in exact and natural sciences. Not only that, but Zurab’s legacy of hard work and dedication to science will live through a fellowship named in his honor for outstanding students at Tbilisi State University. These awards come as no surprise to the Billinge group as they are well aware of Zurab’s capabilities — however, that does not stop us from being proud. Congratulations Zurab on the recognition for significant contributions to the country of Georgia and science as a whole!”

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